Ravenlok: A Reveal Roundup

Excited to share the third and final game in the Cococucumber’s voxel trilogy, our newly announced game, Ravenlok. The reveal trailer made its world premiere at this year’s Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase to an overwhelmingly positive response! ❤️

Ravenlok – Previews

  • “Looks incredibly colorful and vibrant” – GameSpot
  • “Ravenlok takes Xbox to a bizarre wonderland” – ShackNews
  • “Absolutely gorgeous” – Destructoid
  • “I fully expect to be in tears by the time the credits roll.” – Escapist Magazine

Ravenlok – Fun bits!

What is Ravenlok?

Ravenlok is a fairytale reimagining of a kingdom troubled by a corrupted Queen and a young girl’s destiny to fulfill a dangerous prophecy. Coming 2023 to Xbox, Game Pass, PC and Epic Games Store. Wishlist now!

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Finally, this is your official invitation to join the Ravenlok Discord for all the fan and dev chats.

Until next time~ The Coco Crew 🍄

Echo Generation – Patch 1 Notes (build v1.105a)

Platforms: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One X/S, Xbox One, PC Windows (Xbox App)

Bug Fixes

Gameplay / Combat

  • Fixed – Bug for enemies respawn.
  • Increased enemy respawn rate for: 
    • Rat Wolf 
    • Rat Wolf (monster grass, on Sunday) 
    • Spider Tank (monster grass) 
    • Adult and Baby Crittants (monster grass)
  • Added infinite respawning for Spider Tanks (monster grass). Each encounter will have between 1-2 Spider Tanks.
  • Fixed – The Worm boss crash if Worm Eggs are not defeated before the boss.
  • Fixed – Worm Eggs damage now matches damage numbers.
  • Improved enemy targeting (aggro system) to target all players in the party more evenly.


  • Junkdecimator boss cash drop increased from $10 to $50.
  • The Worm boss cash drop increased from $60 to $100.
  • Cash drop for respawnable enemies now scale with amount of bosses defeated for:
  • Rat Wolf 
    • $1.00 first time 
    • $2.50 after 1st boss 
    • $4.50 after 2nd boss 
    • $7.00 after 3rd boss
  • Spider Tank
    • $1.50 first time 
    • $1.50 after 1st boss 
    • $3.00 after 2nd boss 
    • $6.00 after 3rd boss
  • Baby Crittants 
    • $1.50 first time 
    • $1.50 after 1st boss 
    • $3.00 after 2nd boss 
    • $6.00 after 3rd boss
  • Adult Crittants
    • $2.00 first time 
    • $2.00 after 1st boss 
    • $4.00 after 2nd boss 
    • $8.00 after 3rd boss
  • Bosses that affect cash scaling:
    • Junkdecimator
    • The Worm
    • Wendageddon

Save Game

  • Fixed – Meowsy not joining the party in second and third Save Game slots. Note: If you have a bugged save without Meowsy, you’ll only be able to recruit Meowsy if you start a new save (e.g. in save slot 2 or 3).

New Features

Free Roam after Credit Roll for Achievements

  • Added a way to get remaining achievements after the game ends (credit roll). Pressing ‘Continue’ or loading a completed save file in the Main Menu will bring you back to the inventor’s garage before entering the portal so you can free roam to get your remaining achievements.


  • Added a hint that you can climb up the fallen tree to access the door for the landed spaceship in the forest.
  • Added a hint about Alien Painting for the portal operator in FST Lab.

Other bugs, issues and languages will be added in future updates. Thanks for your patience!

If you would like to report a bug, please use the Echo Generation – Bug Report Form. https://forms.gle/i8c5z7V9vpz615aj8

Riverbond Discord & EGLX Hype!

 💬 Official Discord! 💬

Hey, have you ever wanted to chat with us, get exclusive announcements and share some fan art? Well, now you can do all of that.

Special Invitation to the RIVERBOND Discord:

icon-discord2 https://discord.gg/riverbond icon-discord2

This is a chill, kid-friendly server so don’t be shy! We love to meet you folks! 😊



🎉 New Showcase – EGLX Toronto 🎉

EGLX is in 2 weeks time and we’re getting pumped! We showcased at EGLX back in March near Pearson airport, but now we’ll be right downtown near the CN Tower in the great city of Toronto.


 ⚔️ Details ⚔️

RIVERBOND at EGLX – Canada’s Largest Videogame Expo
Fri 26 – Sun 28 Oct
Metro Toronto Convention Center
Get Tickets



🥇 WIN a RIVERBOND Medal! 🥇

Contest Alert! Riverbond Co-op Contest, exclusively at EGLX!

RULES: Teams of 4 players will play a RIVERBOND co-op adventure. The team with the highest score at the end of the contest will be awarded this shiny gold mirror medal!


Shiiiiny! ✨


 See y’all on Discord! Or at EGLX – Bring your friends! ❤️

RIVERBOND at Nuit Blanche

TORONTO! We invite you to come play RIVERBOND at Nuit Blanche this Saturday! This is a free, night-time art event that’s fit for family and friends.


We’ll be setting up a projector in the alleyway near Site3 CoLaboratory for some 4 player co-op fun! Get your thumbs and toques ready, and come check out this BlogTO’s ‘Must See’ exhibit at Nuit Blanche.



RIVERBOND at Nuit Blanche!

Site 3 coLab (map)
Alleyway near Bloor & Ossington
718R Ossington Ave, Toronto
Saturday Sept 29, 6pm – late


Hope to see you there! ❤️ #nbTO18


Planet of the Eyes – Behind the Scenes 👀

For the 1 year anniversary of Planet of the Eyes on PS4 and Xbox One, we are sharing some behind the scenes stuff from the archives. This game had a pretty intense production but it’s always nice to take a step back after to look at the journey and appreciate how far we have come.

We hope that you’ll indulge us today… cue vault opening SFX!



How to Get a Writer On Board

In one of our early meetings with Will O’Neill, writer on Planet of the Eyes, Martin brought in all his level designs made on a huge sketchpad from Dollarama. When Will did not look at Martin like he was insane (or maybe he did but he ignored that part) and actually decided to work with us, we knew that we found ourselves a writer!



How to Demo Your Game

Who knew that a huge part of game development was learning to demo your game properly. Our first time showcasing Planet of the Eyes was at a winter Bit Bazaar at the old Gamma Space on Richmond St. It’s great to spot some familiar faces in the crowd playing the demo, buying merch and supporting us from the start.



How to Win at Voice Recording

Another highlight of production was recording the audiologs with voice talent, Alex Lewis. This was probably the most DIY set-up we did, with Will directing the session over Skype and Alex with his headphones bandaged to his head (because it was busted) reading the lines. Take note indies, this is how to get things done 😉



How to Do Glamour in the Game Industry

Video games in general is not a very glamorous job, so we were very honored that Planet of the Eyes was nominated as a finalist for Best Indie Game at the 2015 Canadian Videogame Awards and that we had the chance to attend the award ceremony. Well, we didn’t win (it went rightfully to Klei for Invisible Inc) but it was great to be there to celebrate and see the game up on the screens!



Thank YOU!

Finally, we thank you with all our hearts for supporting Cococucumber and playing Planet of the Eyes. It’s been a hectic and unforgettable ride making this game, but as one weary and wise traveler once said, ‘We’re in this together.’



🤖 Happy Anniversary Planet of the Eyes! 🤖