Ravenlok Launch – Event Recap

Teacups & Treasures

On a fine Thursday in May, the Cococucumber team, partners, fans and friends gathered in a private space to celebrate the launch of Ravenlok. This was not your average game launch party… In fact, it turned out to be quite the fancy tea party, complete with a custom high tea menu and string quartet performing two very special songs from the game!

High Tea

Guests were treated to three tiers of high tea scrumptiousness, from the cucumber (get it?) cream cheese sandwiches, to the buttermilk Earl Grey scones and delightful raspberry cupcakes. Taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, the Ravenlok high tea menu was designed by co-chefs, Spencer and Tosh, from Fare Food Co (also owners of the beautiful space) and Ravenlok director, Vanessa. Alongside the food, there were four selections of teas from Sloane Tea, a Toronto-based woman-led brand, to complete a feast for the palettes.

Music to Our Ears

Upon entering the space, guests were treated to the soothing sounds of a string quartet playing a carefully curated list of songs from animated films, games and movies. To be specific, the setlist is exactly 37.5% Disney songs, which to the discerning ear will hint at many of Ravenlok’s inspirations.

Next, guests gathered to witness two very special songs from Ravenlok, “Castle Gate” and “Queen’s Chamber”, performed live for the very first time by the lovely string quartet led by Vedran from GTA Strings. Mike Rocha, Ravenlok’s composer, gave a few words of introduction before the sounds of keys and strings vibrated the air with a goosebump inducing performance, perfectly capturing the magic and emotions of the game.

“I’ve got to say, some of you have really committed to the theme – I’m just glad nobody showed up as the Caterpillar Queen!” — Ravenlok director, Vanessa Chia

Ravenlok Remarks

A speech by Ravenlok’s game director, Vanessa, introduced guests to the dev team: Martin, Justin, Danielle, Simone, Vicky, Leona, Mike and Finnie, the hard working crew who built the rocket ship that launched Ravenlok to success. A special shout out was given to the three co-op students Patricia, Yuan and Kia, who worked on the game during their internship.

Partners CMF, Ontario Creates, Xbox and Epic Games were thanked for their support, as well as playtesters from Ontario Game Testers, Alanna and Delaney from DnA Creative and the great team at Continue Agency for their marketing and social support.

“Bellissimo!!!!” — 5 star review of Ravenlok (in Italian)

Cococucumber’s co-founder Martin gave an update on the soaring number of players that Ravenlok has seen since launch and read touching reviews from players all around the world. These words reflected how Ravenlok captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands, making it Cococucumber’s most successful game to date.

Ravenlok Milestones & Key Facts (From 18 May 2023)

  • Over 375,000 players in 2 weeks
  • 86% positive rating on the Xbox global stores
  • Over 2,000 five stars player reviews on Xbox US global stores 
  • Top countries by players: United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada

Next, a surprise! A cake was brought out for Vanessa to celebrate her upcoming birthday and to mark her achievements as director, producer and writer on this remarkable game.

Finally the afternoon soiree wrapped up with a Ravenlok quiz about the team and game, with fun prizes that included a limited-edition Ravenlok tee and very special Ravenlok playing cards! For the dev team, this event also served as the start of their week-long, much deserved, post-launch break after the very hectic and thrilling release of Ravenlok.

Ravenlok – Patch 2 Notes

Hello! Patch 2 fixes missing achievements and the issue of some players unable to play if their console is set to certain locales. Quality of life options like a volume slider for the Sword SFX and a toggle for ‘Hold to attack’ have been added. Additionally, Hitboxes and attack sequences for bosses have been tweaked.

Platform: Epic Games Store | Version: v25 | Updated: 17 May 2023
Platforms: Xbox Series, Xbox One, Windows PC | Version: v1.0.32.0 | Updated: 17 May 2023


– Fixed: Rare issue preventing players from unlocking certain Achievements. These will now sync properly upon loading the game, provided the required steps have been completed.


  • Fixed: Some players outside of the supported language locales could not see the text if they loaded a saved game from before the latest patch
  • Fixed: Issue where player is stuck in Mask Mansion if did not activate the mirror in the Victorian house. Players can now exit Mask Mansion even if the Victorian house has not been activated.
  • Fixed: Issue causing the title to enter a recoverable, partially unresponsive state when attempting to load previous save data after starting a New Game without entering a Name.
  • Fixed: Issue locking players out of Mushroom Forest. Failing to activate the mirror in the Witch House will no longer make the Mushroom Forest inaccessible after the Queen’s Abduction event.


  • New: “Hold to Dash” toggle
  • New: “Skip All Dialogues and Cutscenes” toggle
  • New: “Hold to Attack” toggle
  • New: “Display Potions and Bombs in HUD” toggle
  • New: “Camera Depth of Field” toggle
  • New: “Sword SoundFX Volume” slider
  • New: Message “Localization Coming Soon!” when the player’s console is set to corresponding locale for Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese


  • Fixed: Overlapping Text in UI – Figurine Collector’s Menu UI
  • Fixed: Overlapping Text in UI – Level Up UI
  • Fixed: Overlapping Text in UI – Load File UI – Button Inputs
  • Fixed: Formatting for “You Found an Item” UI


  • New: Added Tabs to Options Menu
  • New: Quick Message displayed when closing a Pickup Item Pop-Up


  • Changed: Removed Health Scaling for enemies


– New: All Bombs can now damage more than one enemy


  • Fixed: Extended Melee Hitboxes to reach the player if the player is too close to the boss
  • Fixed: Bosses will now avoid repeating the same attack twice in a row
  • Fixed: Bosses will no longer use ranged attacks when the player is nearby
  • Fixed: Fixed the missing Back Kick attack for Buvador the Bison
  • Fixed: Eagleblade Prime will now retreat immediately when too close to the player side wall
  • Fixed: Adjusted all boss Hitboxes to reach the player for Melee Attacks
  • Fixed: Ranged Attacks are now only allowed if the player is out of melee range

How to fix missing achievements (Xbox)
1- Update Ravenlok game to v1.0.32
2- Launch game
3- Load your most advanced Save file
4- Missing achievements should sync properly

For tech support, join us on the Ravenlok discord:

Ravenlok – Patch 1 Notes

We are excited to announce that the first Ravenlok post-launch patch adds new localization, difficulty levels and options to invert the camera on the X axis and Y axis.

Platform: Epic Games Store | Version: v.19 | Updated: 5 May 2023

Platforms: Xbox Series, Xbox One, Windows PC | Version: | Updated: 10 May 2023

Localization – New

Language support for in-game text added:

  • Français (French)
  • Español (Spanish)
  • Deutsch (German)
  • Italiano (Italian)
  • Português (Portuguese)

Difficulty Options – New

Difficulty options added:

  • Easy: “Whimsical Voyager”
  • Normal: “Valiant Warrior”
  • Hard: “Relentless Conqueror”

Difficulty options can be changed on the fly through Options > Difficulty

Camera Options

  • New – Added option to Invert Camera on the X axis in Options Menu
  • New – Added option to Invert Camera on the Y axis in Options Menu

Ravenlok: A Reveal Roundup

Excited to share the third and final game in the Cococucumber’s voxel trilogy, our newly announced game, Ravenlok. The reveal trailer made its world premiere at this year’s Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase to an overwhelmingly positive response! ❤️

Ravenlok – Previews

  • “Looks incredibly colorful and vibrant” – GameSpot
  • “Ravenlok takes Xbox to a bizarre wonderland” – ShackNews
  • “Absolutely gorgeous” – Destructoid
  • “I fully expect to be in tears by the time the credits roll.” – Escapist Magazine

Ravenlok – Fun bits!

What is Ravenlok?

Ravenlok is a fairytale reimagining of a kingdom troubled by a corrupted Queen and a young girl’s destiny to fulfill a dangerous prophecy. Coming 2023 to Xbox, Game Pass, PC and Epic Games Store. Wishlist now!

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Finally, this is your official invitation to join the Ravenlok Discord for all the fan and dev chats.

Until next time~ The Coco Crew 🍄

Echo Generation – Patch 1 Notes (build v1.105a)

Platforms: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One X/S, Xbox One, PC Windows (Xbox App)

Bug Fixes

Gameplay / Combat

  • Fixed – Bug for enemies respawn.
  • Increased enemy respawn rate for: 
    • Rat Wolf 
    • Rat Wolf (monster grass, on Sunday) 
    • Spider Tank (monster grass) 
    • Adult and Baby Crittants (monster grass)
  • Added infinite respawning for Spider Tanks (monster grass). Each encounter will have between 1-2 Spider Tanks.
  • Fixed – The Worm boss crash if Worm Eggs are not defeated before the boss.
  • Fixed – Worm Eggs damage now matches damage numbers.
  • Improved enemy targeting (aggro system) to target all players in the party more evenly.


  • Junkdecimator boss cash drop increased from $10 to $50.
  • The Worm boss cash drop increased from $60 to $100.
  • Cash drop for respawnable enemies now scale with amount of bosses defeated for:
  • Rat Wolf 
    • $1.00 first time 
    • $2.50 after 1st boss 
    • $4.50 after 2nd boss 
    • $7.00 after 3rd boss
  • Spider Tank
    • $1.50 first time 
    • $1.50 after 1st boss 
    • $3.00 after 2nd boss 
    • $6.00 after 3rd boss
  • Baby Crittants 
    • $1.50 first time 
    • $1.50 after 1st boss 
    • $3.00 after 2nd boss 
    • $6.00 after 3rd boss
  • Adult Crittants
    • $2.00 first time 
    • $2.00 after 1st boss 
    • $4.00 after 2nd boss 
    • $8.00 after 3rd boss
  • Bosses that affect cash scaling:
    • Junkdecimator
    • The Worm
    • Wendageddon

Save Game

  • Fixed – Meowsy not joining the party in second and third Save Game slots. Note: If you have a bugged save without Meowsy, you’ll only be able to recruit Meowsy if you start a new save (e.g. in save slot 2 or 3).

New Features

Free Roam after Credit Roll for Achievements

  • Added a way to get remaining achievements after the game ends (credit roll). Pressing ‘Continue’ or loading a completed save file in the Main Menu will bring you back to the inventor’s garage before entering the portal so you can free roam to get your remaining achievements.


  • Added a hint that you can climb up the fallen tree to access the door for the landed spaceship in the forest.
  • Added a hint about Alien Painting for the portal operator in FST Lab.

Other bugs, issues and languages will be added in future updates. Thanks for your patience!

If you would like to report a bug, please use the Echo Generation – Bug Report Form.