New Player Milestone! Accolades Trailer!

We’re thrilled to share that Ravenlok has achieved an incredible milestone: Over 500,000 players have joined our fantastical world in just six weeks!

This is a momentous occasion for our small team, and we simply cannot thank our amazing community enough. From day one, our mission has been to create a fantastical game that captures the hearts and imaginations of players around the globe. We have poured our hearts and souls into creating the vibrant world of Ravenlok. Seeing our creation come to life through the eyes of so many players has been nothing short of magical.

Even Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, has played and enjoyed Ravenlok!

Music to our Ears!

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve made the Ravenlok – Original Game Soundtrack available on Apple Music / iTunes and Spotify. We hope that you will relive your epic adventures through the grand, orchestral melodies by Ravenlok composer, Mike Lizola Rocha.

What’s Next: Dark Raven Update

Your enthusiasm has fueled us to continue to expand and improve the world of Ravenlok. Our roadmap ahead includes the Dark Raven update, which will add 360 degrees camera controls for combat encounters, additional combat improvements and a new Boss Rush mode. Stay tuned for updates and announcements from our official channels!

Preview of 360 camera controls in the Dark Raven update

Celebrate With Us!

Finally, as we take a moment to reflect on this milestone, we also want to encourage you to spread the word about Ravenlok. Your recommendations to friends, family, and fellow gamers mean the world to us and we are always thankful for your support.

Here are some ways that you can help spread the word for Ravenlok:

  1. Bragging Rights – Share your in-game experiences and achievements on social media: Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Threads with the hashtag #Ravenlok. Let the world know about your epic adventures, boss battles, and the unforgettable friendships you’ve forged in our mystical realm.
  2. Reviews – Write a review for Ravenlok on the Xbox Store. Your honest feedback and glowing recommendations can help others discover the magic of Ravenlok!
  3. Content Creation – Stream your gameplay on Twitch or YouTube. Showcasing your gameplay, guides and playthrough can inspire others to take up the mantle and embark on their own adventures in Ravenlok.
  4. Ravenlok Discord – Join and engage with us and other fans on the Ravenlok official Discord. This server is run by the Ravenlok development team and is a great place to chat with other fans and speedrunners. We do our best to respond to questions and look forward to seeing you on Discord!
  5. Hats! – The Curious Medley Hat Pack and Oddly Satisfying Hat Pack add ons are available now on Xbox and Epic Games Store. These stylish hats are the perfect complement to your heroic journey, and will make you stand out as a true champion.

We believe in the power of community, and it is your passion for Ravenlok that our vision is brought to life. Together, we’ve built an extraordinary world that has united players from all corners of the globe, and we are beyond grateful for your trust in our studio.

From all of us at the Ravenlok team, thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey. Here’s to many more milestones, memories, and magical moments in the world of Ravenlok!